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The Daily Blue Power - Sustainable and Efficient solutions for urban transport

20 October 2017 by Craig Owens

The Daily Blue Power range offers a Sustainable and Efficient solution for urban transport of people and goods. With a selection of various other models available, Iveco make sure they are at the forefront of industry changing technologies.

The new Daily Blue Power is the perfect vehicle for urban and suburban mission; it can access all city centres around the clock, freeing transport operators from the constraints of environmental regulations with its winning combination of technology, low emissions and environmental impact plus high performance and efficiency.

Iveco Brand President gives us an insight into the theory behind the latest project.

 “In the face of the current push for decarbonisation and increasing access restrictions in cities, being sustainable is fast becoming an important competitive advantage for transport businesses. Sustainability has always been a core value for IVECO, and we saw long ago that our path to sustainable urban transport is through advanced diesel technology and alternative tractions such as electric and natural gas. That is why we have pioneered alternative fuels for more than 20 years and invested in advanced technologies to dramatically reduce emissions from our diesel engines.” View source here

“The Daily Blue Power is the culmination of all the work we have done in this field. It offers our customers a unique choice that gives them a competitive advantage to develop their sustainable business in urban areas without limitations.”

Iveco hasn’t published fuel economy data but says the model, which comes with standard Start&Stop system and Michelin eco-tyres, uses up to 7% less fuel compared to the current version based on a real urban customer trip.

We have access to a wide array of information and pricing options regarding the new Daily Blue Power range. 

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The Daily Blue Power - Sustainable and Efficient solutions for urban transport