Stralis XP

Think big. The Stralis is an outstanding solution for the present and future needs of the haulage business; the only vehicle in its class to offer such a wide and integrated range of functions for optimising costs.

It’s also the best in terms of efficiency and performance, thanks to the new Euro VI engines with HI-eSCR* and to the technology for minimising operating costs, based in part on the higher torque and power delivered by the engine.

The cab of the Stralis offers unmistakable style, unrivalled comfort and revolutionary technology; from the IVECONNECT system to the driver ergonomics, the controls to the seats, the bunks to the storage compartments, and the materials to the colours, everything about the new Stralis is designed for better quality of life and work. With the lowest fuel consumption in its class, even higher reliability and residual values, a prompt & accessible service, it now offers the best operating costs over the full life-cycle of the vehicle.

NEW STRALIS XP is designed to drive more miles with less fuel.

Developed to offer the best economy and performance in long-haul missions, it improves fuel efficiency and reduces TCO through advanced technology and a completely new product approach.

With NEW STRALIS XP, we have made the perfect long-distance vehicle: a real “fuel manager”, able to control all the variables that affect consumption, supported by a unique set of services designed by IVECO to reduce CO2 and TCO.

It offers the best integration between product and services on the market, covering two thirds of Total Cost of Ownership, and providing the most comprehensive transport solution available in the truck industry today.